Centaurpalooza X - 10 Years of Parking Lot Rock!

Posted on 04 August 2016

 Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Listen up! This is a big deal! This year we are celebrating ten years of parking lot rock! What a tremendous decade it's been! We will once again be hosting a bevy of local bands in our upper and lower parking lots.

In addition to this rocktastic display of local talent we are releasing a special double LP in gatefold packaging that will be available online and in store during the festival! All songs on the record were recorded live in the parking lot in 'Paloozas of years past. 

Again I say, these shows are free! But we do have a few ground rules...

  1. All of the shows are free! No wristband. No money necessary. Maybe a hi-five is in order...
  2. Parking lot shows are B.Y.O.B. (but I would ask that you not B. too much of Y.O.B. as these shows are all ages and FAMILY FRIENDLY! And NO, you can't B.Y.O.B. to Katie's.
  3. No Smoking in the parking lot during Centaurpalooza - that includes this vaping thing that I see all the kids doing! (see the all ages family friendly notice in #2)
  4. Don't forget to tip the Katie's bartenders and say thanks to the bands and the Centaur Staff (Do I need to remind you again that this is free?!)

 We'll see you at Katie's on the 19th for the start of a great weekend! Lineup and schedule below.


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