• Death By Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer

Death By Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer

$ 200.00

Item #19679

The sound of the original cult classic fuzzer is back by popular demand. Now you can get the same huge sound as the Harmonic Transformer in a smaller 2.5" x 4.75", pedalboard-friendly pedal. Inter-modulate your sound and unleash ringing, raging fuzz on the world. Super big, super vicious and super intense, complete with enough alien noises to freak out your listeners. The Harmonic Transformer is an extremely loud and intense fuzz pedal which is highly interactive with the incoming signal. Take it to the max! 


Volume: Controls master volume.

Intensity Toggle: Adjusts the mix of the transformation, increasing the fuzz, and bringing out harmonics. 

Harmonic Shape Toggle: Adjusts a complex filter, changing the harmonic content. Choose between a deep, full harmonic spectrum, or a drier, scooped metallic sound. 

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