Used Effects Pedals

We have a wide selection of used effects that changes almost daily! We do our best to get them on the website but many of them don't make it! It's always worth stopping by the shop to see what we've got if you're in the area . We test all of our used effects for functionality and offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our used instruments and pedals.

We do our best to make sure that our web inventory is up to date but it's always best to call ahead if your planning to come in and check out a particular pedal. 




Used MXR Micro Amp

$ 50.00

Vintage MXR Dyna Comp Block Logo No LED (Late 70s/ Early 80s)

$ 140.00

Used Mooer Trelicopter Tremolo

$ 30.00

Used Fuzzrocious Knob Jawn Octave

$ 120.00

Used DR J Shadow Echo w/ Box

$ 40.00

Used EHX Small Clone

$ 70.00

Used Danelectro Filthy Rich Tremolo w/ Pouch

$ 40.00

Used EHX Octavix Fuzz

$ 70.00

Used Stomp Under Foot Ram's Head Fuzz

$ 130.00

Used EQD Tentacle Octave

$ 80.00

Used Dunlop Univibe RI 18V w/ Power Supply

$ 175.00

Used Mooer 005 Brown Sound Preamp

$ 60.00

Used Emerson EM Drive

$ 75.00

Used Boss PS-6 Harmonist

$ 120.00

Used Heavy Electronics Red Eyes Overdrive

$ 110.00

Used ToadWorks Meat Dual Boost

$ 60.00

Used Yellowcake You Mom Fuzz w/ Box

$ 120.00

Used Yellowcake MK Ultra w/ Box

$ 99.00

Used SIB Mr Vibromatic

$ 175.00

Used Black Box Ultraviolet Fuzz w/ Box

$ 125.00

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