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Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay

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Tel-Ray, the precursor to Morley, was the first company to make the oil can delay unit, creating units for both Fender and Gibson in the 1960's. An interesting way to create delays not heard with 60's tape machines, the sound of an oil can delay unit is often described as murky, dark, and mysterious. Original oil can delay units are highly unreliable, and you'd be lucky to find one in relative working condition. Fast forward to today, and Catalinbread has recreated the oil can delay in digital form, combining the ambience of the original units with the reliability of today's technology. 

Catalinbread began working on the Adineko in 2012, around the same time they were creating the Echorec. They understood that the unreliability of oil can delay units made them somewhat undesirable, even though they had certain sound qualities that can't be recreated in other delay units. The dark and mysterious nature of oil can delay units come from the vibrato modulation that lines up with the delay time, and a fog-like repeat that screamed exclusivity. You will notice that the casing of each Adineko is aged in the spirit of the original units. 

As Catalinbread has proven many times with their recreations of classic units, they successfully honor the old experience, while expanding upon it. The Adineko is no exception. The murky warble of the old units (traditionally only achievable when the oil’s thickness is incorrect) can be conjured with a twist of the 'Viscosity' knob. The warm echo quality has an expanded range of delay time (timing knob), more so than any oil can unit could ever hope to achieve. The dual playback head is continuously balance-able (balance knob) to favor one head over the other for interesting syncopation feels.

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