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Catalinbread Csidman Delay

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Unapologetically digital. No filtering. No wow and flutter. You can achieve no nonsense digital delay tones of the 80's, or use the latch knob and glitch the pedal out for creating some interesting digital textures. In conjunction of the latch, you can use the cuts knob to splice the audio signal that is being delayed to further digitize your signal. 

Inspired by Jonny Greenwood's use of glitch and stutter effects, Catalinbread's Nicholas Harris created the Csidman in order for creatives to exploit and embrace the way that technologies impose themselves. What is the reason that musicians still use tape-based echo devices in an age where digital is nearly technically “perfect”? Wow and flutter, limited fidelity, and distortion are the hallmarks of tape technology that were engineered out over time, but musicians still often prefer tape because it adds “character” to their sound. What are the artifacts of other antiquated technologies that have merit in a musical context? What are the eccentricities in digital technology?


Mix - Gives you control over the wet/dry balance from 100% wet to 100% dry.

Feed - Controls the amount of feedback.

Cuts - (used in conjunction with the LATCH knob) Controls the sample rate, the relative speed that the Cisdman skips.

Latch - Controls the relative time in a cycle that the Csidman is in a latching skipping state. When full counterclockwise, it doesn’t skip, allowing you to use the pedal as a traditional digital delay. When full clockwise, the unit is stuck repeating whatever is in the memory address. At noon, this knob is a 50/50 balance (though random) between a skip-playback state and non-skip sample state.

Time - Controls the echo delay line’s delay time up to 725mS.

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