• Catalinbread RAH Foundation Overdrive

Catalinbread RAH Foundation Overdrive

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The Jimmy Page 1970 Royal Albert Hall sound, in a pedal. 

In January 1970, Led Zeppelin hit the stage of London's historic concert hall, Royal Albert Hall. At this performance, Jimmy Page expressed himself masterfully with a broad pallet of tones and giant dynamic range. Of course this has a lot to do with Page's playing technique and Gibson Les Paul, his back line amps, custom Hiwatt heads into Marshall cabinets filled the entire hall with a cornucopia of colors at levels ranging from a mouse whisper to louder than a jumbo jet taking off only inches over your head.


Treble, Middle, and Bass - these three controls represent the exact circuitry of the Jimmy Page Hiwatt and will act the same and provide the same tonal response. As with most “passive” amp tone circuits, the three controls are highly interactive - changing the setting of one may change the behavior of the other knob. 

Gain - This control corresponds to the “Input Volume” control on the actual Page amp. The sweet spot for this control is from 3:00 to max for the best Zep-like response. But for a cleaner response or if your guitar has really hot pickups you may want to try lower gain settings.

Master - This controls output volume. For best response, set it just past unity volume - usually around noon.

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