• Used DOD FX30-B Gate/Loop w/Box

Used DOD FX30-B Gate/Loop w/Box

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The FX30B Gate/Loop replaced the FX30 Noise Gate in DOD's lineup in 1985, adding the utility of a built-in effects loop or as a switch between two instruments (one plugged into the Input jack, one plugged into the RETURN jack). Like the FX30, the FX30B (at least initially) used a LM358N for the noise gate portion of its circuit. The FX30B was discontinued in 1994. This pedal is in good used condition considering its age, but is missing a knob for the sensitivity control. The FC30-B is powered by a 9 volt battery, or a 9 volt power supply with an 1/8" adapter. 

Controls: Release, Gate, Sensitivity

  • To use the FX30B as a noise gate, start with the Sensitivity knob fully counterclockwise (which disables the noise gate), then slowly rotate the Sensitivity knob clockwise until the noise disappears when no signal is present (the LED will dim when the Gate is closed).

  • The Delay or Release knob adjusts the time required before the noise gate closes after the signal falls below the sensitivity threshold, between 5 milliseconds and 1-2 seconds (depending on which part of the manual you read).

  • The Gate control determines which input signal is monitored for noise (from the IN jack or the RETURN jack, or a combination thereof). Unless you are using the FX30B's loop, it is best to leave this control all the way counterclockwise ("IN"); with this setting, operation of the FX30B is the same as the FX30. Conversely, if you have a really noisy pedal chain within the FX30B's loop, you should turn the Gate knob fully clockwise ("RETURN").

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