• Used DOD FX54 Attacker Compression/Distortion

Used DOD FX54 Attacker Compression/Distortion

$ 45.00

Item #14572

DOD introduced the FX54 Attacker in late 1991. The combination of a compression circuit (OTA-based, like the FX80B) within a distortion pedal (possibly based on the FX55B) was a novel idea at the time. While FX54's compression circuitry can be essentially bypassed by turning the 'comp' knob fully counterclockwise, the FX54 does not really clean up at low Distortion settings; even though its distortion sound was considered voiced for blues or rock, this pedal can achieve some pretty chunky metal tones. This pedal is in good cosmetic condition, with minor wear. Powered by a 9 volt battery, or with a 9 volt power supply. Keep in mind, to use DOD pedals on your pedalboard, you will most likely need a 9 volt adapter from the standard barrel size, to the 1/8th" size. 

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