• Marshall Model 1987 Small Box Plexi (Vintage - 1969)

Marshall Model 1987 Small Box Plexi (Vintage - 1969)

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Item #16036

Excellent condition (hole in back panel from removed master volume, #3 stencilled on side), here it is, the real thing. The big cheese. 50 watts, all-tube guitar head, normal & bright channels, gold back-painted plexiglass panels, huge sound.

#16036 $4000.00

**A note about “Plexi” and “Plexi-style” amps: Contrary to what many believe, these are not “high gain” amps, though they (like almost any amplification circuit) will overdrive and distort at some point. They were originally designed to be very, very loud and that’s what they are. There is no gain control, there is no master volume. There is only Zuul (just kidding…there is only cranking the amp to overdrive). How did Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Page or whoever do it? They turned it up ALL THE WAY, a method that is impractical in most household or gigging situations. You have been warned.

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