• Seymour Duncan Cradle '63 Strat Set

Seymour Duncan Cradle '63 Strat Set

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Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Cradle Rock '63 Strat Set

Whether it’s his incendiary guitar playing or his astounding instrument collection, Joe Bonamassa is a hot topic of conversation here at Sweetwater. Of course, it is no surprise that fans of this guitar master and tone junkies alike have praised Seymour Duncan’s Bonamassa Cradle Rock 63 Strat Pickup Set. Straight from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, these pickups re-create the famous and powerful tone hidden within Joe’s “Cradle Rock” Strat (named after a Rory Gallagher tune), an instrument that first magnetized him at the Philadelphia Guitar Show in 1994. Joe has since battle-tested these pickups at gigs throughout the world. How did Seymour Duncan bring this potent pickup set to light? Through details like period-correct winding, aged magnets, and color-matched covers. Joe himself put his stamp of approval on this exclusive run of 1,000 units, and each pickup in the set bears the Grammy-nominated guitarist’s printed signature.

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