• Seymour Duncan SP90-1b Vintage Soapbar P-90 - Bridge, Cream

Seymour Duncan SP90-1b Vintage Soapbar P-90 - Bridge, Cream

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A vintage correct recreation of the 1946 Gibson single-coil with all of the midrange grittiness that makes a P90 bridge pickup so special.


The dual alnico 5 bar magnets, and the short, wide bobbins give the P90 its unique tonal character with a powerful midrange and higher output than most other types of single coils. In the bridge position, this pickup has sparkly mids that really give it a gritty, open tone. Chords have a nice harmonic bloom, and single notes are glassy and up-front. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for any traditional Gibson-sized P90 soapbar route. Pair with the Vintage P90 neck pickup for a perfectly matched set. The Seymour Duncan Vintage P90 is wound with plain enamel wire with added extra mojo by winding them on the same Leesona winder that was used in the 1950s in the old Gibson factory. Comes with vintage braided single-conductor hookup cable and is wax potted for squeal free performance.

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