• Seymour Duncan SP90-2n Hot Soapbar P-90 - Neck, Cream

Seymour Duncan SP90-2n Hot Soapbar P-90 - Neck, Cream

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Hot P90 with dual ceramic bar magnets designed for extra power and midrange.


The Hot P90 soapbar combines extra coil windings with two small ceramic bar magnets to give you more output, greater sustain, and more overall sensitivity. This pickup has a pronounced upper midrange that will make chords sound mean and full, and solos sound fat and cutting. When used with the bridge Hot P90, this RWRP (reverse wind / reverse polarity) neck pickup will be noise free. It's a drop-in replacement for any traditional Gibson-sized P90 soapbar route. Pair with the Hot P90 bridge for a balanced setup, or match it with the Custom P90 bridge for an even more aggressive combo. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA each Hot P90 comes with single-conductor braided hookup cable, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free operation.

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