• Spaceman Polaris Overdrive Light Blue Edition - New
  • Spaceman Polaris Overdrive Light Blue Edition - New
  • Spaceman Polaris Overdrive Light Blue Edition - New

Spaceman Polaris Overdrive Light Blue Edition - New

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Polaris is a dynamic medium-gain overdrive, with incredibly flexible tone-shaping capabilities. Its unique feature set includes an optional 2-pole resonant filter, controllable via expression pedal for filter sweeps and out-of-this-world overdrive tones.

Designed to help you explore the outer-limits of harmonic overdrive, Polaris’ Drive control goes from just a touch of harmonics to full-tilt, live-wire overdrive on the brink of distortion, while staying reactive to your instrument and dynamics for an experience that’s addicting.

The shinning beacon of Polaris is contained within the unique tone shaping center at the heart of its control panel.  Four out of the six controls are purely for tonal adjustments.  The Filter control is the star of the show, an extremely effective control with three filter options selectable via the Depth toggle switch above it.  First position is a standard, single-pole low pass filter to adjust the high-end content.  In the middle, you’ll find a deeper 2-pole filter for serious sculpting.  Last and certainly far from least, is the 2-pole resonant filter for the most extreme shaping.

The Bass toggle switch offers three options for keeping your low frequencies under control.  Whether you need a tasteful bass cut or boost, or you simply want them untouched, Polaris has you covered.

The Initial control blends in your raw, pre-filtered overdrive tone.  Using this control in conjunction with the Filter control allows for serious tone shaping, by re-introducing the raw signal to balance more extreme Filter settings.

All three filter options are fully sweep-able via the EXP jack using a standard TRS expression pedal or expression device, opening the door to inspiring movement within your overdrive tones.  In addition, Polaris is fully compatible with Spaceman's Mission Control for interstellar filter sweeps and dirty auto-filter effects.

Polaris is completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon sparing no detail within or without. Polaris utilizes true-bypass switching via the highest quality mechanical footswitch available, while your tone is transferred via quality open-frame Switchcraft jacks.  Inside you’ll see an unparalleled display of craftsmanship; with immaculate hand-soldered PCB’s and detailed military-spec wiring.  On top of the cast aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and large jewel indicator light.  The Light Blue Edition is limited to 99 units worldwide.

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