• Used Boss V-Wah

Used Boss V-Wah

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An interesting take on a wah pedal, Boss took the classic idea and added a digital brain which allows modeling of certain classic wah effects. The V-Wah is also equipped with an on-board overdrive which can get fairly mean sounding, and changes depending on where the 'type' knob is set. The memory button allows you to store up to three settings. 

This pedal is in decent cosmetic condition with cosmetic wear and tear. Powered with three AA batteries or a 9 volt power supply. 

Type Knob - Drive Type:

Custom - Metal Zone

Advanced - Muff Fuzz

Bass Mix - Vintage OD

Cby Wah - Guv Distortion

Vo Wah - Distortion

Mo Wah - Turbo OD

Voice - Blues OD

Uni V - Booster

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