• Used Digitech Digiverb w/Box

Used Digitech Digiverb w/Box

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The Digitech Digiverb is a digital reverb with seven different reverb styles, designed for amazing tonal flexibility. Housed in a sturdy metal chassis, it also has two outputs for mono or stereo use. The Digiverb also has CIT Cabinet Modeling, which allows you to plug direct into a mixer, PA, or audio interface. Powered by a standard 9 volt power supply, or a 9 volt battery. This pedal is in good condition with some cosmetic scuffing. This pedal also came into the shop with the original box! 


Level Knob - Controls the output level of the reverb effect. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the output level, and counter-clockwise to decrease the output level. When the Level knob is set to its maximum position, the dry signal is completely removed so the DigiVerb can run in an effects loop of a mixer.

EQ Knob - Controls the amount of high frequency boost or cut in the reverb signal. Turn this knob clockwise to boost high frequencies, and counterclockwise to reduce high frequencies.

Decay Knob - Controls the amount of reverb decay time. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the decay time and counter-clockwise to decrease the decay time.

Type Knob - Selects one of seven different studio quality reverb types including Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse, and Spring.

CIT™ Cabinet Modeling The DigiVerb also has built-in CIT™ cabinet modeling. This is a useful tool when running a distortion pedal into the DigiVerb and then running direct into a mixer or recorder. CIT cabinet modeling creates a guitarthrough-an-amplifier sound without having to use a guitar amp. To Enable CIT™ Cabinet Modeling, press the pedal down and apply power by connecting a guitar cable to the DigiVerb input or connecting the PS200R power supply to the AC adapter jack. CIT™ cabinet modeling has to be enabled each time you apply power to the DigiVerb.

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