• Used Digitech Screamin' Blues Overdrive

Used Digitech Screamin' Blues Overdrive

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The DigiTech Screamin' Blues Overdrive and Distortion pedal is great for the bedroom rockstar or touring musician, and does well among the rest of the classic overdrives in this price bracket. With a standard set of controls featuring gain, high and low eq, and output level knobs, what sets the Screamin' Blues apart is the onboard cabinet emulation circuit. While one output is a standard HiZ (designed for plugging into your guitar amplifier), there is a second output that converts your guitars signal to allow for a direct plug in to mixing boards. The pedal is housed in a nice metal chassis, and feels heavier than most. It is in good cosmetic condition, and is powered by either a 9 volt battery or 9 volt power supply.

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