• Used Hao Rumble Mod RM-1 w/ Box
  • Used Hao Rumble Mod RM-1 w/ Box

Used Hao Rumble Mod RM-1 w/ Box

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This pedal is in excellent used condition, comes with the original box and all original paperwork, and functions as it should!

From the manufacturer:

Hand made Dumble Style overdrive. The Rumble MOD is Hao's ultimate overdrive pedal. This overdrive/booster pedal uses hand-selected components to provide the purest, smoothest, thickest overdrive ever. The problem with most OD pedals lies in mismatched input/output impedances that can make components work overtime. The Rumble stompbox's input and output buffers provide proper impedance matching, allowing its circuitry to focus purely on generating the fattest overdrive possible.

Rumble MOD creates a unique and highly musical overdrive effect. When a mini switch is set to "Boost" position, Rumble MOD functions as a booster and amplifies input signal so that a player can vary the signal strength with pick attack from crystal clean to crunchy overdrive. In "Drive" mode, depending upon setting of "Color" control, Rumble MOD generates from fat and silky to edgy and sizzling overdrive. This "Color" control works opposite of regular tone control and acts as a type of filter control on significant frequency ranges.

True Bypass
Level knob
Color knob
Boost/Drive mode switch
Gain knob

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