• Used Homebrew Electronics Mimic Mock II w/ Box
  • Used Homebrew Electronics Mimic Mock II w/ Box

Used Homebrew Electronics Mimic Mock II w/ Box

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This pedal is in excellent used condition, comes with the original box and all original paperwork, and functions as it should!

From the manufacturer:

The Mimic is an all analog, Bucket Brigade based delay. Features: Time, Level and Repeat controls. Maximum delay time can be pre-set with a user adjustable trim pot located on the circuit board. Available in two versions:Mock I-300ms maximum delay time; Mock II- built with NOS Panasonic Bucket Brigades which give a 400ms maximum delay time. Powered via a single 9V battery (alkaline-highly recommended) or a 9V DC adapter.


Input-Instrument in. Unplug when not in use to conserve battery life.


Out-Out to amp.


-9VDC jack-For use with -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered and regulated, CE or UL approved power supply.


Time control-Adjusts the amount of delay time from 10ms up to 400ms (300ms on the Mock I) depending on where the internal trim pot is set.*


Level control-Adjusts the level of delay signal. The delay is reduced to zero in the fully counterclockwise position and matches the volume of the dry signal in the fully clockwise position.


Repeat control-Controls the number of repeats from only one at the minimum setting to infinite repeats in the fully clockwise position. Higher repeat settings may result in self-oscillation (really cool space ship sounds).


On/Off-True bypass of effect. (Note: a small pop may occur when effect is switched on/off. This is normal and is a trait associated with true bypass).


*Internal Trim Pot-(Located on the lower left hand side of the ciruit board.)Adjusts the maximum amount of available delay time. Note: Higher delay time settings may degrade the quality of the delay signal and introduce "clock noise" into the pedal. " Clock noise" is a high pitched tone commonly associated with analog delays.

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