• Used Malekko Diabolik Fuzz

Used Malekko Diabolik Fuzz

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Built with a sturdy metal enclosure, the Malekko Diabolik is a streamlined B:Assmaster bass-centric fuzz circuit, with intuitive controls for fuzz and clean levels as well as a Squish (compression) knob, making the Malekko Diabolik Fuzz an affordable avenue to big tone. Reminiscent of Sovtek civil war-era Big Muffs, the circuitry here affords aggressive, distortion-like tones that slice easily through any mix. Making a home for itself on both bass and guitar pedalboards alike, the Diabolik is perfect for stoner rock, metal, or doom. This pedal is in excellent used condition, and is powered by a 9 volt battery or standard 9 volt power supply. 

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