Used Reverend Drivetrain 2

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The Reverend Drivetrain 2 is basically a Tube Screamer (TS) 808 type overdrive but with separate bass & treble controls. These pedals have the same JRC4558 IC chip the original vintage TS808's had, so the tone on this pedal is much warmer and smoother than other TS type pedals (and Tubescreamer reissuesas well) that came later without this chip. Plus, this circuit eliminates the midrange bump common on Tubescreamer and with the bass & treble controls you can tailor the tone to your tastes and guitar/amp setup. It sounds great on most amps, and will deliver overdrives from a mild, "clean boost" to a classic rock crunch ala Page, AC/DC... but not a heavy metal distortion at all. This pedal is best suited for players looking for a classic blues/rock clean/crunch overdrive sound. Cosmetically, this pedal has some cosmetic wear, but functions as it should. It's powered by a 9 volt power supply or 9 volt battery. 

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