• Used Way Huge Swollen Pickle MkII Jumbo Fuzz w/ Box

Used Way Huge Swollen Pickle MkII Jumbo Fuzz w/ Box

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A popular fuzz choice with more than enough knobs to dial in the perfect sound without being too confusing. The layout of the Swollen Pickle is very user friendly, and artists such as Queens of the Stone Age and Mogwai have taken a liking to the green machine. With high gain, scoop control and tweakable compression levels, the Swollen Pickle is an industry standard when looking for a reliable fuzz. This Swollen Pickle mkII is in excellent used condition with minor scratching, and is powered by a 9 volt power supply or 9 volt battery. 

Way Huge Electronics was started by Jeorge Tripps in 1992, with a goal of creating professional, reliable, and enticing effects pedals to the serious guitar player, but by 1999, Tripps made a decision to close the doors of Way Huge Electronics. About 10 years later, used Way Huge pedals began selling at prices as high as $1000. Because of the renewed demand, Jeorge Tripps and Dunlop banded together to make reissues of these desired effects. 

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