• Used ZVex Fuzz Factory Vexter Series

Used ZVex Fuzz Factory Vexter Series

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The brainchild of Zachary Vex of ZVex Effects, the Fuzz Factory is a fuzz pedal based on the classic Fuzz Face, but with added controls and it's own unique flavor. While most Fuzz Factory's are hand painted, the Vexter Series has a silk screened enclosure which allows for a lower cost of the pedal, with the same insides as the more expensive, hand painted pedals. The Fuzz Factory has gain quite a following since its conception in the mid 1990's, including Matt Bellamy of Muse, who liked it so much that he began having custom guitars created for him with the Fuzz Factory built into the guitar. The Fuzz Factory has 5 knobs, 2 of which are only suggestions as to what parameters they actually control. This pedal is in used cosmetic condition with scratching on the front plate, and is powered by a 9 volt battery or 9 volt power supply. 


Volume - Output Level

Gate - Changes Transistor Bias, allowing for no hum when not playing your guitar

Compression - Transistor Bias, reducing the dynamics of the signal

Drive - Input Level

Stability - Supply Voltage

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