• Vintage MXR 'Block Logo' Phase 90 (1970's)
  • Vintage MXR 'Block Logo' Phase 90 (1970's)

Vintage MXR 'Block Logo' Phase 90 (1970's)

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One of the classics! This time machine phaser pedal is a blast from the past. For those who haven't yet heard of this pedal, the Phase 90 was the first pedal produced by MXR back in 1974. Originally using a "script" logo, they switched to the block logo in 1977, and stuck with that look until the company went bankrupt in 1984. Today, Dunlop has bought the MXR name, and manufactures reissue versions of the Phase 90. Often considered one of the most famous phase pedals, musicians such has Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, and Jimmy Page have been caught using these pedals, among many others.


This pedal is in good condition considering it's age. There are many cosmetic scratches, but functions as it should. The original versions did not have a power adapter, so you have to charge this pedal with a 9 volt battery. 

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