• Wright Sounds Fuzz-Stang Mark II 10th Anniversary - New

Wright Sounds Fuzz-Stang Mark II 10th Anniversary - New

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Wright Sounds Fuzz-Stang Mark II 10th Anniversary - New

10 years ago I unearthed the first Fuzz-Stainer clone, the Fuzz-Stang. I only made 100 because I truly wasn’t expecting much to come from it. Thankfully, I was wrong! I sold out rather quickly and shortly thereafter released the second version Fuzz-Stang, the Super Boost, the Trammello, as well as other custom pedals that I was commissioned to build.

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of that first Fuzz-Stang pedal I thought I'd make a special, limited version (50 total) that resembles the Fuzz-Stainer both inside AND out.

That means carbon comp resistors, identical silicon transistors, and point-to-point wiring on perf board, even with (almost) the same layout. And on the outside, a spray-painted enclosure (blue sparkle), a paper-sticker label, identical knobs and layout, no indicator LED, no DC jack (THIS PEDAL IS 9-VOLT BATTERY POWERED ONLY), the IN and OUT on the "wrong" sides, and the DRIVE control on the top-end of the enclosure. And of course, plenty of vintage mojo. I almost went as far as relic’ing this batch but with the spray painted enclosure and paper label, it’s bound to wear over time just like the original.

So if you missed the opportunity ten years ago, you’ve got a second chance.

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