• Wright Sounds Super Boost w/ Box - New

Wright Sounds Super Boost w/ Box - New

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Wright Sounds Super Boost w/ Box - New

Are you looking for an easy way to push your tube amp to get that natural, overdriven tone? Maybe you just need a small volume bump to cut through the band during a solo but without drastically changing your sound? What about pushing your signal through that kludge of pedals you’ve got on your board?

Looks like a job for SUPER BOOST!

No need to duck into an alley to put your cape on, just stomp on the Super Boost for over 30dB of clean gain with super results! Add 5db to your signal to boost the output while keeping your tone clean. Add 15db to help push the signal through your pedal rig to avoid signal degradation. Or dime it to kick the front end of a tube amp for that great, overdriven sound.

While you won’t be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or fly faster than a speeding bullet… your tone sure will with the Wright Sounds Super Boost!

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