• Wright Sounds Trammello Tremolo w/ Box - New

Wright Sounds Trammello Tremolo w/ Box - New

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Wright Sounds Trammello Tremolo w/ Box - New

A collaboration with Noystoise, this all analog, voltage controlled tremolo will warm your heartstrings and your guitar strings. Each of the four waveforms on tap are designed to have a more logarithmic appeal which adds to their vibrant warmth and also reduces unwanted "chatter" when the RATE control is set to higher speeds. And speaking of RATE, it can be set to a slow, dirge-level tempo, almost creating a delay-effect, or so quick it resembles a ring modulator. The OFFSET control works in conjunction with the DEPTH control and has multiple uses. It can act like a volume control when the DEPTH knob is set to zero taking the signal from zero output all the way to plenty of clean boost. It also sets the range of the waveform's depth. Lower OFFSET settings result in more tremolo effect while higher settings mix more of the original input signal. So the modulation can be controlled anywhere in the effective range, at any level, with only two controls.

In keeping with the other Wright Sounds pedals, the Trammello is an intuitive, easy to use pedal, with a wide range of tones that will leave you inspired time and time again.

Trammello is true bypass and is powered by a 9-volt center tip negative power adapter only (not supplied). There is no 9-volt battery capability.

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