Acoustic Guitars

We are constantly adding new guitars to our inventory! We do our best to get them on the website as quick as we can but there are always some gems that seem to get missed so it's always worth checking in. You never know what you'll find! We do our best to ensure that all of our instruments are playing and looking their best.

We try hard to make sure that our web inventory is up to date but it's always best to call ahead if your planning to come in and check out a particular guitar. 




Washburn Festival EA20-A-U (New)

$ 449.00

Washburn Festival EA15S Acoustic/ Electric (New)

$ 349.99

Washburn Apprentice F5 Folk w/ OHSC (New)

$ 299.00

Washburn Bella Tono Elegante Studio 24 (New)

$ 609.00

Harmony H310 Archtop w/ Chip Case (Vintage - 1960s)

$ 650.00

Gibson C1 Classical w/ Chip Case (Vintage - 1970s)

$ 799.00

Cort AF515 CE OP Acoustic/ Electric (New)

$ 209.99

Cort Gold A8 Auditorium Acoustic/ Electric w/ Gig Bag (NEW)

$ 1,049.00

Cort Gold O8 OM Acoustic w/ Gig Bag (NEW)

$ 799.99

Cort Gold EDGE w/ OHSC (NEW)

$ 1,599.00

Godin 5th Ave SG w/ Gig Bag (Used - Recent)

$ 475.00

National Raw Series Duolian Roundneck Resonator w/ OHSC (Used - 2021)

$ 3,200.00

Washburn Apprentice D5 Dreadnaught w/ HSC (New)

$ 229.00

Penncrest Valco JC Penney Acoustic w/ SSC (Vintage - 1960s)

$ 325.00

Takamine Jasmine S-34C Cutaway (New)

$ 154.99

Takamine Jasmine S35 Dreadnaught (New)

$ 129.99

Recording King RD-G6-CFE-5 Cutaway A/E (New)

$ 429.00

Recording King RD-G6 Dreadnaught (New)

$ 349.99

Cort LCJWAOP Mini Acoustic/ Electric w/ Gig Bag (New)

$ 429.99

Washburn Royal Sapphire Parlor WP33SRS-L (New)

$ 479.00

Recording King RPS-7-FE3-TS Acoustic/Electric (New)

$ 229.99

Recording King "Dirty Thirties" RPS-7-MBK (New)

$ 169.99

Recording King ROS-9-FE5-TS Acoustic Electric (New)

$ 299.99

Cort AD810 OP Dreadnaught (NEW)

$ 199.99

Recording King RDS-7-MBK Dirty 30's Series 7 - Dreadnought (Brand New)

$ 169.99

Recording King RDS-7-TS Dirty 30's Series 7 - Dreadnought (Brand New)

$ 169.99

Recording King ROS-7-MBK Dirty 30's Series 7 - OOO (Brand New)

$ 169.99

Recording King RPS-7-TS Dirty 30's Series 7 - 0 (Brand New)

$ 169.99

Recording King ROS-7-TS Dirty 30's Series 7 - OOO (Brand New)

$ 169.99

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