Spaceman Effects


Spaceman is a team of musicians, artists and creators making pedals for the love of bringing sonic art to the universe. Spaceman circuits and tones are authentic, not clones or copies. Here you will find effects that transform how you play, often interacting like instruments unto themselves. With backgrounds in audio engineering, production and performance, the Spaceman team has incredibly high standards for sonic detail. They also offer intuitive and novel control options for their effects, for an inspiring experience every time you plug in.

Part of the Spaceman experience is the quality of construction. Each unit is built by hand at their small shop in Portland, Oregon. Whether a Standard or Limited Edition, every pedal is made to a high level of physical quality, for a lifetime of reliability.

Centaur Guitar is proud to be an authorized Spaceman Effects dealer! You can check out our selection right here online or you can swing by the shop and try them out!



Spaceman Apollo VII Overdrive Black Edition (New)

$ 299.00

Spaceman Apollo VII White Edition

$ 299.00

Spaceman Artemis Standard Edition

$ 299.00

Spaceman Aurora Analog Flanger Silver Edition (New)

$ 319.99

Spaceman Gemini IV Dual Fuzz Red Edition - New

$ 339.00

Spaceman Gemini IV Dual Fuzz Vintage Copper Edition - New

$ 329.00

Spaceman Mission Control Expressive Controller Silver Edition - New

$ 369.00

Spaceman Mission Control Expressive Controller White Edition - New

$ 399.00

Spaceman Nebula Octave Fuzz Black Edition - New

$ 319.00

Spaceman Nebula Octave Fuzz Silver Edition - New

$ 299.00

Spaceman Polaris Overdrive Black Edition - New

$ 319.00

Spaceman Sputnik III Standard Edition

$ 269.00

Spaceman Titan II Fuzz Silver Edition (New)

$ 249.00

Used Spaceman Mercury IV White/White w/ Box

$ 450.00

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