We try to list as many of our amps on the website as possible but it seems like we always miss a few so it's always worth a visit if your in the area to see what we've got in stock.

We don't generally ship amplifiers due to the difficulties and costs involved in getting them to you safely. That said, if you see something you can't live without you can always give us a call. Maybe we can figure something out for you!




Univox U202R Combo 1x12 (Vintage - 1960s)

$ 550.00

Mesa Mini Recto 1x12 Cab CEL 30 (Used - Recent)

$ 350.00

Hiwatt SA210 Custom 20 2x10 Combo (Used - Recent)

$ 1,500.00

VHT Classic 18 Combo w/ Celecstion Greenback (Used - Recent)

$ 450.00

Jackson Reference 50 Head (Used - 1990’s)

$ 450.00

Dynamo GTS Custom Head w/ Cover (Used - Recent)

$ 995.00

Marshall Major 200W Head (Vintage - 1971)

$ 3,500.00

Rivera Hundred Duo Twelve Combo (Used - Recent)

$ 599.00

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