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According to Catalinbread, the creation of the Bicycle Delay was something like an “Albert Hoffman moment”. Not your every day delay pedal, you're not going to be recreating these tones out of a Boss DM-2. However, you will be able to create out of this world textures, from pitch shifting to ring modulation, to self oscillation. Nicholas Harris, the original founder of Catalinbread, created the Bicycle Delay by sitting down with no plan of where he was going, but instead using the constructs of programming to create art. The Bicycle Delay is a physical manifestation of the experience of consciousness, letting go of the desire to control everything, and maintaining a positive attitude to leave room for a positive experience.


Expanse - essentially your delay time with a mind of its own. Turn the knob all the way counter clockwise, and you will get a nice slap echo. All the way clockwise, and you begin entering into the insanity of the Bicycle Delay. 

Lucidity - This is a blend knob. All the way counter clockwise, and you have just your dry signal. When all the way clockwise, you have only the delayed signal. 

Reflect - the amount of repeats. If you turn this knob all the way clockwise, you get lots of self oscillation. 

Radiance - This is where the Bicycle Delay shines. This is the "bloom" of the pedal. Kind of like a tone control, but each delayed note is different. Changing this knob creates some drastic sonic soundscapes. 

Mood - Controls the pitch amount of the repeats (up or down in pitch). Setting this knob in the middle can create traditional delay sounds, but turning the knob all the way in either direction can create some beautiful textures. 

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