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Catalinbread Zero Point Flanger

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The Zero Point Flanger is the most direct analogy to studio tape flanging that anybody has come up with. It is a Real Time effect, not a typical modulation effect. That is to say, unlike all other pedal flangers, there is no LFO that presents a predictable up and down swooshing sound. Thus, there is no need for extraneous knobs or switches. It is a straight-forward pedal that has only one powerful control that behaves like pressing and holding your thumb on tape flange.

When the Zero Point is engaged, two delay lines are turned on, subtly modulating against the other and simulating the comb filtering effect akin to the playback of two tape machines. Pressing and holding the “Flange Push-Button” causes one of the delay lines to slowly shift time toward the other delay line, up to the point that your signal begins to cancel out (the zero point). Release the Flange Push-Button and the delay line begins to automatically fall again. The result is the whispy, subtractive ‘thru-zero’ sound that creates a sense of space and mystery; an effect that up until now have only been heard on records. It behaves just like manually advancing the take up reel and pressing your thumb on the supply reel to slow the program down.

The Zero Point Flanger automatically powers up in the inverted phase mode, resulting in a more dramatic subtractive flange effect. If you press and hold the Flange Push-Button while powering up the Zero Point you enter the positive phase mode which because it sums the two delay lines, never cancels out. This mode is a bit less dramatic than the subtractive mode, but still a very tape like analogy. 

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