• Used Hao Rust Ride Bass Driver w/ Box
  • Used Hao Rust Ride Bass Driver w/ Box

Used Hao Rust Ride Bass Driver w/ Box

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This pedal is in excellent used condition and comes with the original box. 

The Rust Ride Overdrive Pedal is HAO's first and only bass driver unit. Rust Ride was born to give bass players a blistering overdrive without losing low-end and note clarity. With a preset 3-position EQ switch (Normal, Bright, Warm), the Rust Ride bass stompbox offers a lot of tonal options. Also, Passive and Active inputs allow you to operate the Rust Ride bass overdrive with any type of bass pickups while individual Direct and Effect outputs allow a routing of clean bass tone to a tuner P.A., or a second amplifier for blending dry and effect signals. Using Rust Ride with a guitar reveals the whole new dimension of the pedal with tight low-end and high-octane overdrive/distortion.
3-position EQ switch
Passive and Active inputs
Direct and Effect outputs
Input Impedance: Approx. 500K-ohm
Output Impedance: Approx. 100K-ohm
Controls: Level, 3-Position mini EQ Switch (Normal, Bright, Warm), DC9V Adaptor Jack (Negative Tip), True Bypass ON/OFF Footswitch with LED
Size: 121(L) x 86(W) x 36(H) mm (excluding knob, switches, and jacks)
Weight: Approx. 330g (including a 9V battery)

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