• Used Nobels TR-X Tremolo V1

Used Nobels TR-X Tremolo V1

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A great pedal if you're looking for versatility, the TR-X has four different waveforms (square and sine wave, with soft and hard variations). A very interesting, noteworthy feature is the 'Tone' control. This doesn't work as you'd expect, and the manual doesn't go into any great depth to offer an explanation. The Tone control acts on the high frequencies, so at it's minimum position, you will get a standard, full-range (tonally transparent) tremolo. As you turn the Tone up, you will notice the treble frequencies are less modulated and seem to sit on top of the effect. At the maximum position, the treble frequencies are practically untouched and the bass will be pulsing away. This pedal is in good condition, and is powered by a 9 volt battery or 9 volt power supply. 

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