• Yellowcake Furry Burrito Overdrive/Fuzz

Yellowcake Furry Burrito Overdrive/Fuzz

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Another amazing overdrive/fuzz from Yellowcake!

The Furry Burrito (Furrito for short) is capable of a wide range of sounds, starting at warm and vintage-esque overdrive and ending in the realm of the creamy, sustain filled and heralded Russian Big Muff. Control the overdrive section of the pedal via the 'drive' knob, and control the fuzz section via the 'gain' knob. Add the 'filter' and 'level' knobs for added control, the 'fat' switch for a little added flavor, and a well disguised trim pot that starves the circuit to this handwired pedal from the U.S.A, and you've got yourself neck deep in tonal options. What are you waiting for? Dive into the incredibly versatile Furry Burrito. 

Note: Using the starve knob will induce feedback and self oscillation in the best ways possible. 

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